Thermaleo & Uzdrowisko Szczawnica Group takes active part in the revitalisation of the Pieniny-based spa, the effect of which are the many projects and investments accomplished within the area of Szczawnica and its surroundings.

The main areas of activity focus on the hospitality and catering sector and that of tourism, as well as spa treatment. In 2008, one of Thermaleo’s first projects was accomplished, the reopening of the Mineral-Water Bar in Dietl Square. The next investment was the commissioning, in that same year, of Café Helenka. The café is a discreet combination of the traditional architecture and the modern-style design. Here, guests can savour delicious dishes and desserts that are known all over Poland.

One of the major accomplishments of the Group the long-term, extremely extensive project concerning the development of the town of Szczawnica. Within its scope so far, the Modrzewie Park Hotel was opened in 2009, the first five-star hotel in Pieniny and the Dworek Gościnny, the cultural salon of Szczawnica, was reopened in 2011.

More investments are awaiting implementation. The Group plans general overhaul and modernisation of the Natural Medicine Centre and the Sanatorium Hutnik.

Beside accomplishment of numerous architectural projects and urban investments in the region, Thermaleo & Uzdrowisko Szczawnica Group participates very actively in actions within the scope of art, culture and sport patronage. All forms of activities in this area are on the one hand aimed at supporting sports activities and promoting the healthy lifestyle and on the other hand at fostering culture and developing artistic talents among inhabitants of the region.

The Group supports initiatives in favour of the development of young talents provided support to institutions of culture and art, and finances numerous exhibitions, concerts, vernissages as well as lectures and talks. It is involved in organisation of cultural and sporting events. It collaborates with the local authorities of the town of Szczawnica in the scope of promoting art and supports events that are aimed at developing the cultural and sporting life in the area of Pieniny..

The Foundation has been in existence since April 2013.
The Management Board is made up of: Andrzej Mańkowski - Founder and President of the Management Board
and Board Members: Helena Mańkowska, Krzysztof Mańkowski, Nicolas Mańkowski. The Cultural Project Manager is Agnieszka Żarska.

The mission of the Foundation is the development of the cultural life of the spa, creating conditions for our guests and the local community for active relaxation and versatile development through discovering the fascinating world of culture and art, including the history and traditions of the Szczawnica spa in the context of European and world culture. The Foundation strives to restore Szczawnica to the high position among health resorts in Poland and Europe. It accomplishes cultural projects of local, regional and international scale by raising funds from external sources. It collaborates with a lot of organisations, institutions and recognised authorities in the field of culture.

Since 2005, Thermaleo has been the main shareholder of the company Uzdrowisko Szczawnica S.A. Taking advantage of the excellent microclimate, Uzdrowisko Szczawnica renders health-promoting services. In specialises in the treatment of:

  • respiratory diseases, including chronic nose and throat inflammations, conditions of the vocal organs, allergic respiratory diseases and bronchial asthma;
  • diseases of the locomotor system, incl. degenerative diseases of joints and the spinal column, rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis.

In the treatment programmes we use our own balneological raw materials, and above all the medicinal waters used in crenotherapy, inhalations or mineral baths. Physicians and qualified personnel make sure that the treatments are properly selected and effectively applied. At the sanatoria belonging to Uzdrowisko Szczawnica, 42 kinds of treatments are administered within the scope of hydrotherapy, inhalation, physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy and drinking cures (crenotherapy).


  • 2 hotels, 2 villas


  • 5 restaurants, 1 bar, 3 pubs


  • Rajd Stud Farm


  • Dworek Gościnny
  • Mineral-Water Bar Gallery
  • Spa Museum
  • Andrzej Mańkowski’s Foundation


  • STS


  • I Love Szczawnica shop
  • Publishing activity: Polski Region Pieniny quarterly and minor publications
  • 12 buildings already active in the historical centre
  • 30 hectares in the centre of Szczawnica
  • Circa 240 people working according to the best standards for the good of our customers
  • Support for local initiatives

HEALTH RESORT: Over 200 years of tradition in curing people

  • 3 sanatoria
  • Spa Outpatient Clinic
  • Natural Medicine Centre
  • Mineral-Water Bar
  • Production of mineral waters
  • Drilling rig
  • Specialisation in treating respiratory diseases, diseases of the locomotor system
  • Wide range of natural medical procedures in the scope of physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy and inhalations
  • Drinking cures – with medicinal mineral waters
  • Services are provided within the national healthcare system and commercially
  • Professional medical consultancy

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