Piwnica Zbójnicka (Highland Robbers’ Cellar)

In 2015, the Piwnica Zbójnicka (‘Highland Robbers’ Cellar’), in the villa Pod Bogarodzicą at Plac Dietla, opened its doors again. The place that once used to enjoy much interest from both tourists and local inhabitants welcomes guests anew, like in the old days. The cellar-like interior design and the highland-robber-ish climate are supplemented by quick and yummy snacks.

At the Zbójnicka, two halls are available – during the day they are a sanctuary of peace, ideal for a quick lunch; in the evening they are full of vibrance when guests watch football on TV, dance or chat over their favourite beer listening to highland music.

Two halls – 50 guests | Quick snacks | Dances

Hotel Nawigator***

In December 2015, the Hotel Nawigator was refurbished again – once more, the interiors gained freshness and genuine ambiance, and the hotel restaurant and bar were rebuilt and provided with new interior design.
In 2016, the hotel gained a new conference room with a capacity of 120 in theatre style seating.


57 rooms | restaurant – 90 guests | bar - 12 guests (+10 on the terrace) | 3 conference rooms

I Love Szczawnica

On 14th August 2014, on the ground floor of the Villa Holenderska (‘Dutch Villa’) at Plac Dietla, Information Office with a souvenir shop was opened by the Thermaleo Group and the Uzdrowisko Szczawnica company. Since July 2015, it has been operating as I Love Szczawnica shop, as a response to the guests’ needs and enquires offering souvenirs related to the region and its culture, with designer patterns as well as designed by ourselves.

In early 2016, another I Love Szczawnica shop opened in Pienińska street, in a new arcade on the River Grajcarek.

on Mt. Palenica

The huts are located on Mount Palenica.
They are an ideal offer for tourists who spend time actively as well as for those who visit this place in order to have some relax.

The facilities serve regional dishes.

of medicinal waters

In June 2013, within the framework of the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority Axis II, Regional opportunity economy, and in collaboration with the local authorities of the Malopolska Province (Urzad Marszalkowski Wojewodztwa Malopolskiego), a production line for the Szczawnica mineral waters.


Stud Farm

The stud farm is situated in the picturesque village of Jaworki. In the course of several years, the buildings of the farm were renovated, likewise the adjacent area, and thus the riding offer was extended. A new all-season shed with a stone fireplace and stylised bar was erected; there is enough space for up to 70 people at the feasting tables.
Within the area of the facility, a ‘mini-area’ was sectioned off where you can master you riding skills. Due to these measures, the stud farm is now one of the more interesting spots on the map of tourist attractions of the town and its countryside.
Until 2015, these the areas of the stud farm were leased by the Group; then, they were purchased by the Mańkowski family to become a part of the Thermaleo & Uzdrowisko Szczawnica Group.


Shed with fireplace – 70 guests | Summer tent – 70 guests | Barbeque, sleigh rides

Andrzej Mańkowski

The Foundation has been in existence since April 2013. Its mission is the development of the cultural life in the spa. It strives to restore Szczawnica to the high position among health resorts in Poland and Europe.

The Foundation accomplishes cultural projects of local, regional and international scale by raising funds from external sources.
Of great significance for the Foundation is the development of cultural awareness among children and young people, hence the numerous projects and festivals that activate schools and kindergartens.

The Foundation cooperates with a lot of organisations, institutions and recognised authorities in the field of culture organising and supporting many festivals and projects, such as Baroque Explorations, Fairy Tale and Fable Festival, Cine-Academy, OperArt Festival, Encounters with the Culture of Pieniny.


Revitalisation of the
Górny and Dolny Parks

The concept of the Górny Park (‘Upper Park’) was based on recreating the original appearance of the park with walking alleys and combining it with the concept of the ‘open perspective’. The project was inspired by solutions applied in the French royal parks and the stairs leading up to the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur in Paris, as well as motifs characteristic for the stylised mountain fountains.

The Górny Park is a private property and belongs to the Thermaleo & Uzdrowisko Szczawnica Group, which makes the part available, free of charge, to the local inhabitants and guests in Szczawnica.
The revitalisation was accomplished in cooperation with the Municipality of Szczawnica.

The concept of the Dolny Park (‘Lower Park’) is a combination of nature with art and culture. The design of the ‘botanical park’ provided for creating a family-friendly place with a charming pond, as well as restauration of the park’s gazebos so that they should become peculiar stages for artists and musicians.

The revitalisation was accomplished in cooperation with the Municipality of Szczawnica.

Cuvée Szczawnica Wine

In 2012, at the restaurants and other facilities of the Group, there appeared for the first time red wine called Cuvée Spéciale Szczawnica, created by the Mańkowski family with the guests and tourists visiting Szczawnica in mind. The vineyard that the wine comes from is situated on shale-strewn rocky, calcareous terrain, in the heart of the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the south of France. Thanks to this, you can feel a touch of French climate enclosed in the Cuvée Szczawnica Wine. Good weather conditions that prevailed in 2012 created a range of balanced, deep and very fresh wines – red, pink and white – which from then on are included in the Group’s offer every year.

Polski Region Pieniny

In 2012, the first issue of the ‘Polski Region Pieniny’ (‘Polish Region of Pieniny’) quarterly was published. The magazine presents a variety of topics related to nature, secular and sacral heritage sites in the Pieniny as well as the material and spiritual culture of the local highlanders.
The ‘Pieniny’ magazine is bilingual, the articles are presented in Polish and English.

Villa Marta

‘Marta’ (‘Martha’), which used to be managed by the Trade Union of Culture and Art Professionals, was a haven for artists and writers staying at the resort. Until this day, the villa has retained its artistic climate. In 2012, the interiors of the Villa Marta were thoroughly refurbished – the rooms and bathrooms acquired new style and design, also renovated were the restaurant and corridors as well as the stylish veranda. Thanks to these measures the villa gained new cosy appearance, full of warmth.


19 cosy rooms | restaurant – 90 guests | drink bar, glazed veranda, barbeque

Hotel Nawigator***

The Hotel Nawigator*** is a dynamic leisure and conference facility located on a hill in the centre of the spa.
In 2012, Thermaleo had the hotel interiors renovated and modernised – the rooms were refurbished and gained new attractive design; also conference rooms underwent a complete transformation.


57 rooms | restaurant – 90 guests | bar – 16 guests | 4 conference rooms


In the Sanatorium Papiernik (‘Papermaker’) refurbishment was made of rooms and bathrooms, as well as the kitchen facilities, in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the sanitary inspection. Additionally, ventilation was improved.

62 rooms | Natural Medicine Centre

Dworek Gościnny

Erected in 1884, the Dworek Gościnny (‘Hospitable Manor House’) was an architectonic pearl of the spa. After the fire of 1962, only remains of the foundations were left. In 2008, Thermaleo initiated the rebuilding of the Dworek according to the original design so as to retain the ambience and atmosphere of the original building. The facility was commissioned in the autumn of 2011. At present, the Dworek is a cultural and business centre of Szczawnicy and the region. The ground floor of the building houses a club restaurant called Jazz Bar.


Main hall - theatre: 362 guests / dinner: 250 guests | Foyer – dinner: 140 guests
Library – 40 guests | Jazz Bar Restaurant - 80 guests [+ 80 guests on the terrace]

Acoustic shell
and park sculptures

In 2011, revitalisation of the architecture and the park greenery was carried out, which included the acoustic shell, built in 1950, in the Park Górny. Also the sculptures in the park regained their charm and glitter.


Spa Museum

The building was erected in 2007-2008 at the location of the former water bottling plant Szczawniczanka. In 2010, the Spa Museum was opened in this new annex of the Villa Holenderska. With the exhibits gathered there and the permanent and temporary exhibitions that are organised tourists and spa patients can learn the rich history of the Spa and the Stadnicki family. Also, meetings on cultural topics are held here.


Modrzewie Park Hotel*****

The Willa pod Modrzewiami where the hotel is currently located was built in 1938 by Adam Stadnicki for his daughter Maria. The name of the villa (‘Under the Larches’) was taken from the age-old larches surrounding it. In 2005, ‘The Larches’ were repurchased by Andrzej Mańkowski from descendants of the Świeżawski family and in 2008-2009 Thermaleo had the building renovated, giving it a new stately and at the same time elegant appearance. After the modernisation, the first five-star hotel in Pieniny, Modrzewie Park Hotel, was created in place of the villa. It combines the old atmosphere of family home with modern comfort and European standard.


17 comfortable rooms & suites | Restaurant – 36 guests | Bar – 24 guests | SPA, Swimming pool, Business Centre


In 2009, the villa Pałac (‘Palace’), which housed the Pieniny Museum, was refurbished. After 5 years the museum exhibition was moved to a new location in Szlachtowa.

Plac Dietla (Dietl Square)

Recreation, in the historical form, of the eastern frontage of the Dietl Square – Mineral-Water Bar and Gallery, Café Helenka and two villas, Holenderka and Szwajcarka.

Café Helenka

The next stage of the revitalisation of the spa centre of Szczawnica was the rebuilding of the Café Helenka. The café is now a discreet combination of the traditional architecture and the modern-style design. It was named in honour of the female members of the Mańkowski family bearing the name Helena; it serves dishes and desserts with a touch of the French taste..


restaurant – 80 guests |terrace, lower and upper – 170 guests

Mineral-Water Bar
and Mineral-Water Bar Gallery

In 2008, one of Thermaleo’s first projects was accomplished, the reopening of the Mineral-Water Bar in Dietl Square. Thereby, the Szczawnica Bar was restored to its former historical place. The building was reconstructed and retained its original style of architecture and unique ambience despite the modern installations and facilities.

Upstairs, there is a Mineral-Water Bar Gallery where exhibitions of works by regional, national and foreign artists are organised.

Spa Chapel

In 2008, the neo-Gothic Queen of Heaven Chapel, which is located at the edge of the Park Górny, right after the Dom nad Zdrojami.

Tidying up
of the boiler house

In 2008, Thermaleo undertook to tidy up the deserted and devastated boiler house at Zdrojowa street. The building was located at a street with busy tourist traffic therefore the company decided to demolish it and rearrange the space. Thanks to this cleaning and tidying-up work, the neighbourhood gained a more attractive view; and in 2011, an additional square was made, intended for a car park, very much needed in the centre of the town.

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